My Philosophy

My Approach and Philosophy

Getting everyone in an organisation to understand money, business economics, profit, cash flow and so on is a massive challenge

Finance is Dull?

Too often seen as the preserve of technical specialists – the accountants – Finance is left just there. Knowledge and skills reside with the empowered few, whilst the rest defer to their (often “no you can’t” rather than “let’s work out how you can”) judgements and decisions.

In today’s business environment this narrowness of skill base is simply not good enough to survive, compete and win through.

There is a widely-held belief that financial training is dry, dusty and unstimulating

Unsurprisingly, not many people vote willingly to undertake finance training. Most attend programmes with a mixture of fear and dread – and yet a day or two later those people will have undergone a conversion.

Level of Existing Skills

In the distant past I was, but now I am not, surprised to see the generally low existing level of financial skills resident within most organisations – and size has no correlation with corporate competence either!

In mitigation, within a business this weakness will be balanced by individuals’ enthusiasm and competence.


My experience has taught me two important lessons about people

  1. Not to overestimate people’s prior learning – they generally know less than they would care to admit, and
  2. Not to underestimate people’s ability to learn – they generally learn faster than might be expected

Three Principles

These lessons lead to my three principles of: Context, Content and Materials

If we get these right, we should not fail. But that ignores one thing – the actual physical delivery. No matter how design work, if the programme is poorly delivered, it will fail.

In practice participants remember good presentation, but don’t really appreciate the amount of behind-the-scenes work that goes into the design. Without good design you certainly won’t achieve good delivery. Excellent delivery of poor content is unacceptable, and vice-versa.

What I can offer

  1. Presentational skills second to none, as my track record proves, and
  2. Design skills for financial programmes that are unrivalled


I hope that all this gives you some idea as to how passionately I believe in my subject, its high quality design and delivery, and what my approach is. What started for me as an employed job has now turned into a vocation and my business.