Programme Formats (Virtual)

Since March 2020 I have been running virtual versions of the traditional programme formats described below. Interestingly, people want different things ranging from durations of between one hour sessions delivered several times over a short period such as a fortnight, to four days successively. It all depends on what you want! Give me a call to discuss.

Programme Formats (Traditional)

There is no such thing as a “Standard” Financial Programme. Three days or half a day – whatever suits you and your organisation.

Duration and length

The general principle is that the longer the programme the greater the practical skill development and depth of coverage.

Although some programmes are for Three Days or more, this is rare.

My most frequently run programmes are for Two Days, which gives a good length of time to build rapport.

If you can only devote One Day to a finance programme, there is still much than can be covered.

Sometimes a client can only manage to release participants for a Half Day, or even only Mornings and Evenings – all of these can be accommodated.

Other programmes fit

How does this Finance Programme link to whatever is/isn’t being done for intended participants? How does it link with other existing or intended development programmes?

Type and style of training

Where, will the Programme be on the spectrum of possible activities:

  • Traditional, off-site, classroom based, expert led training solutions with predetermined content, through to
  • Workplace related, pre and post programme exercises and projects, distance learning and self study driven, innovative distribution channels, flexible content, participant led, developmental activities

Often businesses find a combination of the two to be the answer, using the former for foundation level training activities and the latter for advanced activities.

I enjoy being involved with a programme that is not afraid to embark an a wide range of activities – from traditional training to innovative consortium based programmes involving key people from your and other businesses at the strategic level.

Pre & post activities

These activities could range from:

  • Simple 20 question Pre and Post course quizzes
  • Open ended “Go and ask your finance department what 7 things they would like you to do better”, or “What are the 7 key financial performance indicators for your business unit?”

Workplace related projects

As a way of ensuring transfer of learning to the coal face, as well as ensuring relevance of material, using workplace projects is a tried and tested – but resource intensive and a commitment on people’s time – device. How much resource is to be devoted will have to be carefully decided in advance.

Involvement of your finance people

I always try to involve your finance people as much as possible. After all, one objective must be to improve the teamwork of your organisation as a whole. Finance programmes are much too important to be left entirely to outsiders.