Fees and Costs

I often see money wasted on standard and irrelevant material which has been unimaginatively designed, and/or uninspiring presentation and delivery – both of which do little to further the cause for financial training

Design & Delivery

Overall Costing

I try to split my estimates of work into Design and Development, Delivery and Other Expenses

Design and Development

Generally the time spent in design and development is for interviewing and research, rather than for developing the material itself

For a programme which does not need a great deal of tailoring, I would not usually charge for meetings and interviews, provided they were not more than half a day in total

Beyond that – and for more involved programmes – I charge a daily rate for each day of development


I normally charge an agreed daily rate for each day of presentation

Other Expenses

This really only includes printing of course material (which I am happy for you to do), travelling and other incidental expenses, which should not be significant


All of the above rates and items exclude VAT