Three Parts of Finance

In my view there are Three Parts to Finance – Financial Accounting, Management Accounting and Financial Decision-Making. Let me explain.

Mastering Financial Accounting

Financial accounting looks at the financial statements an organisation produces for external consumption. Studying this will help you to understand the content and meaning of financial reports and accounts, and appreciate the relationship between the enterprise and its investors/sources of capital

Ii will introduce you to the tools and techniques of financial accounting: balance sheets, profit & loss accounts, cash flow statements; and you will be able to explain how key financial ratios work and what they tell you about a business

Mastering Management Accounting

Management accounting measures financial performance from an internal perspective. This area links financial data prepared within an organisation with management decision-making in cost, product mix, price, budgetary control/forecasts and performance measurement activities and covers topics such as budgetary control and management accounting

Mastering Financial Decision-Making

Financial Decision-Making examines the principles and structures whereby sound financial management can be applied to strategic, tactical and operational decision-making. It helps you to make better investment decisions through the use of management accounting techniques and investment appraisal

Programme Scenarios

Here are some of the topics, that are forever popular

Bluff your way in Financial Statements – Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow

How to read the Financial Times and understand the Stock Market, equities, gilts, bonds – and the City

Valuation and purchase or sale of a business – acquisitions and divestments

How to appraise financially your own business and a competitor, customer, supplier or joint venture

How to make Sales People more financially aware

How to be better at Budgeting, Forecasting and reading your own Management Information

Making better Business Cases – Investment Cases for OPEX, CAPEX, lease versus buy, bonuses and incentives

How the Business Makes Money

Understanding Product Profitability (are we selling the right thing?) and Client Profitability (are we selling to the right people?)

Understanding the difference between adding up in the UK, EU, USA and the rest of the world