About Me

I run a business that specialises in the provision of specifically tailored finance training programmes for managers.

Why choose me?

Presentational skills second to none, as my track record proves, and design skills for financial programmes that are unrivalled anywhere.

Three Key Principles for Effective Training

  1. Context must be specific to your organisation
  2. Content must be relevant to the tasks that people undertake at the workplace
  3. Material used – examples, exercises and case studies – must be based on real and up to date data from your organisation

What I do

Finance is a core managerial skill, which everyone needs – but too often we are left to bluff it out in the face of accountants talking a different language.

What I do is to make a Finance Programme relevant, fast, furious – and above all fun.

Popular Titles

  1. Reading financial accounts for your company (or customers, competitors and suppliers)
  2. Calculating practical financial measures
  3. Understanding what is in the Financial Times
  4. Seeing the difference between cash and profits
  5. Interpreting what your regular management information pack contains
  6. Calculating capital expenditure decisions
  7. Becoming better at budgeting and forecasting